As of this post, Harber Magazine is no longer. It has served us well as a place to share awesome stuff with each other and our readers. We have a small but loyal group of followers who’ve made running this site more fun than I imagined it could be. This site will remain here as an archive of sorts, joining the internet graveyard of blogs from the past.

I really should thank our contributors for helping with the site, especially those there from the beginning: co-founders Bryan Moreno & Justin Ryan Kim, along with Berlin Nicholas who have consistently been an inspiration in my life to pursue everything to reach happiness. We’ve worked hard and had late nights in my little Houston apartment. And; of course anyone who shared content with us, left a comment, @ reply’d us, created projects, or helped us in any way. It’s been fun.

I hope you’ll find us in the future as we move on to the next thing, as we try to add to the conversation, and find our voice.

Frank Javier

You know what I’d want to think of myself as? As a Human-being; because, I mean, I don’t want to sound ‘As Confucius’ Say’ But, under the sky, under the heaven man, there is but one family. It just so happen’ that people are different.

— Bruce Lee 


bike to new spots.

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135 miles on the Caminho De Fe, Brazil.


christian | 1924us

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First Rocket Powered Flight

April 2013, Mojave CA

SpaceShipTwo achieved Mach 1.22 during its first rocket powered flight, becoming the first commercial vehicle since the Concorde to break the speed of sound. This important milestone officially marks Virgin Galactic’s entrance into the final phase of vehicle testing prior to commercial service from Spaceport America in New Mexico.


Paintings and performance by Yves klein

AL-88 Al Menasco Album Image_000174

Image from an album (AL-88) featuring Albert Menasco. It focuses on his aviation exhibition trip to Asia with Art Smith.

SOURCE INSTITUTION: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive


If you find a reason to hate, love anyway.

— Rakishi, “things my father wouldn’t say” cir. 1936. (via 1924us)

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